Cryptoofaucets Review

Cryptoofaucets is a website that gives you bitcoin for completing a captcha.

Cryptoofaucets can be a high paying faucet with a few tricks. First, set your faucet claim to always collect the average amount by clicking the red words near the collection button that say, “Change your claim settings”.

Then another issue is after a few consecutive claims you will notice that a video ad will pop out from the left seeming to block you from clicking to claim. It doesn’t really, you just have to use the keyboard to click. People just need to click in the captcha entry field before this video ad slides out and type the captcha solution. Then just press the “Tab” key on your keyboard 5 times. This will move the cursor to select the claim button. Now hit enter on your keyboard and you have collected your claim even though the video ad has made it so that you cannot click with your mouse. Now you can collect the average claim every 15 mins uninterrupted by this pesky ad block and build your bonus to something more substantial.

By far, Cryptoofaucets is the most popular and stable faucet there is!